Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Threshold run: total 7 miles (50:19)

I haven't done much hard training in November so far. If you look back there is a lot of easy runs. I started my weekly hill workout last week and the last day I did a threshold run was on November 8th at the Palmdale 5k. I was itching to do some faster running and decided to stay close to home. I did a 1.5 mile loop warm up and then ran 3x1 miles at threshold pace with 1min 15sec recovery jog between them, then did a half mile in 2:58, and finished with a 1.5 mile cool down. My miles were 6:26, 6:13, and 6:15. The roads are very flat around my house and they are set up in a nice grid pattern which makes estimating mileage easy (I don't have to keep looking at my Garmin until I know I am close). For example: My second threshold pace mile was on J from 50th to 40th.

Total mileage was 7 miles in 50:19 (avg pace 7:11). Next time I will add another mile to that workout.

In the runningtimes news Ryan Hall has announced that he will run the Boston Marathon in 2009. The last American to win the Boston Marathon was Greg Meyer in 1983! He can use his Beijing Olymipic Marathon time for his qualifying time..he he. I guess that means he won't be running in the Flora London Marathon next year, since it is 6 days later. My advice: Add some good hills late in your long runs Ryan!

Addendum: The fires in southern California caused a cancellation of the Pasadena Marathon this weekend due to very poor air quality. I hope they can rebound for next year as this was the inaugural running.

Finally a link to Greg McMillan's core training for runners DVD, that looks to be very similar to Clay and my strength training routine.

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Ron said...

hmmmm...dvd looks inticing. I wish I wouldve seen that a week ago and may be I wouldnt be a P90X subscriber. Ill post a ling to that and see what you think.