Friday, November 21, 2008

5.7 mile warm up for 800m in 2min40sec

For those of you counting this IS my 150th post.

This morning I had time for a six mile run. I normally don't run on Fridays but I was experiencing runners' guilt from not running yesterday. I can usually tell how the run is going to go based on my first mile split and today was 8:15 which in the cold (38 degrees is cold for us west coasters) was pretty good (usually I am between 8:20-8:30 for my warmup mile).
I ran up the hill at the end of 45th twice and then came home. I realized that I would be a little over 6 miles on the way back and felt really good, so I decided to see what I could run the last half mile in. I ended up running 2:40 for the last half mile and ended the 6.2 miles (10k) in 44:17 (avg pace 7:07). I felt REALLY good and based on that last half mile I think I could easily go under 5:20 for a mile.
I also saw a coyote at 45th and K-8 on the way home.

ATTN Dale: Here is 26 tips for your best marathon from runnersworld.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Karl, I think I remember reading that ..... maybe. Now I'll have to go find a half mararathon to do a test run in. I doubt if there are any in early January, however.