Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day 10k

This was not a USATF officially sanctioned race or course, just me running a Garmin measured 10k. The rain has passed but it is still cloudy. My time was 43:54 (avg 7:05). Mile splits were 7:43, 7:14, 7:05, 6:48, 6:53, 6:49. I guess you could call it a marathon pace run.

Two years ago we started a family turkey run pushing Matt in the jogger.
Last year we had a newborn, Micah, and didn't go running as a family.
This year Matt is sick with a fever and congestion so we missed the family run again.
Hopefully next year we will take the kids out in the jogger all together.

Here is the picture from 2 years ago.

Here is another turkey day family running picture from 2004 at the Arena 5k in Minneapolis.
My dad and my sister ran again this year but it is now called the Lifetime Fitness Turkey Day 5k.
Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving Day.

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Anonymous said...

We had a great Thanksgiving!
The people who ran the European style turkey trot 5K I am sure were drenched as it was pouring down rain in Tuscon at 8am.
I ran 3 miles with Zac 9 min pace after the downpour.