Saturday, December 13, 2008

8 mile treadmill fast finish (58:34)

Due to higher winds and colder temperatures I stayed inside today on my treadmill. I wanted to get and hour run in if possible. I ran the first 4 miles at about 7:30 pace, the next 2 at 7:15 pace, then a 6:50 and a 6:40 mile to finish. It felt pretty easy on the treadmill (avg pace 7:19). I kept the grade at 2.0 (flat). There is supposed to be wind and rain off and on the next 5 days so I may hit the treadmill a few more days this week.

Congratulations to Clay Patten who ran a 41:34 at the Santa Monica 10k. I guessed 41:30, so I was pretty close. A good confidence builder as he has taken off 3 minutes in less than 2 years including injury. With a mileage build up he should be ready to run a fast half marathon this spring.

Jordan Hasay won the Footlocker HS Cross Country Championships today. There were 3 returning champions in the girls race and it looked like she sat back and kicked to win in 17:22. A great way to cap off an amazing high school cross country career. See the interview with the winner here.

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