Sunday, June 20, 2010

20 mile weekend wrap-up

Another solid weekend of training. I am on my way back and taking my time getting there.

Saturday I got out for an easy 5 miles and incorporated some hills into the run. I had to get back home by 7 am when Clay and Andi were scheduled to go for a bike ride. Andi rode 20 miles with Clay pushing her up the hills around Quartz Hill, then she got home, put on her running shoes and ran 6 more! She was tired after all that but it was a great workout.

This morning I met Chuck and Dale at Ave S and the aqueduct. My plan was to run 15. When I left my house it was calm and beautiful. When I arrived at Ave S it was gusty! It is usually the other way around. So we headed directly into the wind for 2.5 miles then turned around back to the start. Chuck and I headed out again and Dale went home sick. Chuck and I grinded out another 10 miles of AVRT (Antelope Valley Resistance Training) for a total of 15 miles in 2 hours 3 minutes. This is about 3 minutes faster than 2 weeks ago with the windy conditions. I was very tired by the end and wouldn't have wanted to go any further even if I had planned to. My right knee and plantar fascia were taking to me during the 15th mile. We averaged about 8:10s into the wind and 7:50s on the way back. It was a solid workout.

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Chuck said...

Enjoyed running with you. Glad to hear that you felt like it was a solid workout. I worry that I am running to slow for you.

Great job on Saturday Andi. With less then a month to go, this workout should give you a lot of confidence for the Strawberry Fields Triathlon.