Sunday, June 6, 2010

5 mile recovery run

I was pretty stiff and flat from yesterday's long run. My run today was only 5 miles at about 9 minute pace. A 20 mile weekend. Not bad, just slow.


Chuck said...

I have decided to run the New Hampshire Marathon on Saturday, October 2nd. I am strongly considering running the Maine Marathon on Sunday, October 3rd. The two races are just a little over 100 miles apart. This past weekend I was able to run 15 miles on Saturday and 10 miles on Sunday. Both runs were at a very comfortable 3:45 marathon pace. My goal is to complete both marathons in under 4 hours. Talking with Dale this morning he suggested running a few back to back 20 milers. I would appreciate your advice on how to best prepare myself.

P.S. The New Hampshire Marathon is only $40 and Maine is just $55. I have recently paid $95+ for a single half marathon.

Karl Stutelberg said...

I think that is a fabulous idea! How often do you get up in that area of the country and how great that they are both in the same weekend. The other great thing is that you have PLENTY of time to build up some mileage. I recommend lots of easy long runs like the pace we did this weekend. Back to back long days are good but I would start with 15 and 10 like this weekend, and build up just adding a few every other weekend (17/12, 20/10, 20/15, etc). A 20/20 weekend would be good training but you must build up to that.
When it comes down to race weekend I would run the first one VERY CONSERVATIVE, like a long training run, then run the second one with whatever you have left. You don't want to wake up too stiff. Finally, I would recommend taking a week off after the races and enjoying New England. It should be beautiful that time of year.
Good luck with your training.

Chuck said...

I purchased the airline tickets and signed up for both marathons. Thank you for the training advice. I will be out on the aqueduct every Saturday and Sunday morning. If you ever want to get in some easy miles I would really enjoy your company.