Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Cross Country Series

Late entry:

I did run an easy 4 miles Wednesday morning. It was a recovery run from those hills on Tuesday and it was SLOW.

Today I went out to the first of the summer cross country races on Thursday nights. There is a 1 mile race that many people use as a warm up, and then the 3 mile race all at Pelona Vista Park. It is a very hilly course on dirt trails. I ran the mile as my warm up in 6:45 then got ready for the 3 mile. I knew my fitness was not near where it was last year so my goal was to go out conservative, RUN UP the KILLER HILL, and finish strong. I think I went through the mile at around 6:20 to 6:30 and felt like I was on the edge of going too fast. I saved enough energy to push the hill hard and was spent at the top. Zac and I kept passing each other every 3-4 minutes but he finished about 10 seconds ahead of me. I was able to finish strong, not fast, in 20:25ish, good enough for 16th place and first in my age group (I think). My PR on that course is about 30 seconds faster in 19:57. My left achilles is a little sore again tonight (remember the VA trip). I'll have to take it easy the next week to be ready for the Newhall July 4th 5k!

Clay took some pictures. I stole this one from his blog. Thanks Clay!

Finally, Sergio Reyes competed in the 10k final at the USATF Championships in Iowa this evening. I missed watching the race since I went to the cross country run. Sergio was seeded 11th in the group based on his qualifying time. Based on the results it looks like it was a 5 mile warm up followed by a low 4 min mile for the winner Galen Rupp. The times were so slow they must have been jogging for the first 4-5 miles. Sergio finished 12th with a time of 29:50. Looks like he finished ahead of a pack of 4 other runners right behind him. Way to finish strong. Congratulations Sergio! I guess it was really hot out there!

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Chuck said...

Good job on the cross country race! Watched the 10K last night. They were running marathon pace the first few miles. Towards the middle of the race James Carney made a strong move but it was easily covered by Galen Rupp. Galen sat on Ed Moran until about 600M to go and then he took off for an easy win!