Thursday, June 17, 2010

9 miles with 5 @ 6:30 pace

I got up EARLY this morning to drive to Ave S and the aqueduct. I was planning on joining Dale, Chuck, Clay, and Zac for a 10 miler with 5 @ a tempo pace. I started the workout early so that I could get home and cleaned up in time for work. I did 2 miles of warm up, then turned around and picked up the pace, first at around 7:00 then cruised in around 6:30 for 2 miles. The rest of the guys were at the start when I finished my 4 miles and we headed west again for 1.5 miles easy, then hit another mile with Chuck and Zac at around 6:30 pace again. We recovered for a half mile and then I hit the last two miles in 6:36 and 6:23 respectively. I finished the nine miles in just over 66 minutes. This was the best workout that I have had in two months! It was great to run with some other people.

Now the question is can I run that pace for 26 miles in 7 months? A 2:54 marathon is 6:38min/mi pace. That is cookin'!

Set your goals high because what a person accomplishes is in proportion to what they attempt. --Mitchell Naufell


Chuck said...

I believe that you could run a 2:54 marathon if you build your mileage up to 60 miles a week. Back in 2007 I was able to run a 1:25:54 (6:34 pace) half at Surf City. Now that my knee is feeling better, hopefully I can get in condition to keep you company on some marathon pace workouts this fall. It is always a pleasure running with you.

Dale Lister said...

I am glad you could run with us Karl! Like I said on Clay's blog. You looked like you were running easy, which is a good sign if you were just under marathon pace....