Wednesday, June 16, 2010

8 miles & Running Times letter

I had another letter published in Running Times in the July/August 2010 issue. I don't want to become one of those uninformed readers of the AV Press that write in on issues that they know nothing about, but I truly feel that Dean gets a bad wrap from jealous people for all the endorsements he does and publicity he gets. If you could make a living though your running wouldn't you?

This issue of Running Times has some great articles and is definitely worth picking up. There is one on hydration, an awesome article on running form, and one on getting over the marathon and running other distances that I really liked. Check it out.

I finally had a decent run this morning. Nothing spectacular but I ran 8 miles in 62:12. Two months ago I ran 10 miles in 62:01. You sure can loose fitness quickly. I looked back on my blog to past Junes. Two years ago I was really training hard for the July 4th 5k and ran a decent 18:20. Last June I was putting in some long weekend mileage in preparation for my 30 mile birthday run. This year I am in a totally different stage of fitness. I really feel like I am starting over again, building up slowly. I have 7 months until my next marathon with a few shorter races between now and then. I would like to build up to a steady 60+ miles per week by the fall and see how much that would help my half marathon and marathon time.

Race Results:
Lukas Verzbicas won the first ever High School Jim Ryun Dream Mile in 4:04.

Andrew Wheating doubled at the NCAA Championships winning the 800m and 1500m.

Lisa Koll of Iowa won the 5k and 10k at NCAAs.

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Chuck said...

Getting another letter published in Running Times is really cool! You did a great job defending Dean.

Thank you for the links to the races. I really enjoyed watching them. Lukas Verzbicas looks so smooth!