Sunday, August 30, 2009

14 mile fast finish group run!

We had a group of 8 (Me, Andi, Dawn, Clay, Dale, Chuck, Michael, and Dan) out on Saturday morning for our 14 mile fast finish run on the aqueduct at Ave. S. Well it was supposed to be a fast finish run, and some people did a great job (Dale, Dawn, Andi). I was not feeling it today from the beginning. My left calf was very tight and bothering me the whole time. I ran with Dan Ham and we did pick it up after 10 miles but not as much as we would have liked to. We averaged between 8:20 and 8:30 for the first 10 miles and then Dan and I ran 7:14, 7:21, 7:22, 7:25 for the last 4 miles slowing down a great deal on the last half mile where Dale pushed it in and caught us. Clay ran with Andi for the last 4 miles and Dawn (who ran a hard 10 with us) got on her bike to help pull Andi along as well. Their last 4 miles were 7:44, 7:54, 7:32, 7:19. Andi wasn't understanding that just because we are hoping to run 3:45 at Twin Cities that doesn't mean that 8:35 is her marathon pace. I tried to explain that based on her July 4th 5k 21:19 that her marathon pace should be 7:45 and that she did her fast finish run today perfectly, finishing with a mile at threshold pace, but I still don't think she understood. Her VDOT predicts a 3:23 marathon but she doesn't have the base mileage to pull off such a time. Also we are on vacation for the week after the marathon and would like to be able to walk around fairly normally afterward. That's ok, she is progressing beautifully. I on there other hand required two ice baths and stretching the rest of the day on my left leg. I completed the 14 miles in 1:54:10 (8:09 pace).

We are scheduled for 18 miles next weekend and are talking about driving down to Santa Clarita on Saturday and running on the Paseo for something different. Well see how my leg feels by the end of the week.

It is a good thing we ran on Saturday morning because by Saturday afternoon this was the view from my front porch.My sister in law was evacuated last night from their house in Acton, CA!

We did not run today, we were pretty tired and feared poor air quality. I also thought it best to give my left leg an extra day to recover, so I got a good core workout doing yard work!

In the National track news Dathan Ritzenhein broke the American Record in the 5k on Friday with a time of 12:56! He was third in the race behind the best in the world. Amazing! Look out Ryan Hall, that time gives him a VDOT equivalent of 2:04:13 for the marathon!

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack


Anonymous said...

WOW! Incredible! Thanks Karl for posting the video's of Dathan the token white guy who ran the 2nd fastest time by a non-african in history to set the AR. If that ain't leg turnover I don't know what is. 2:05 for last 800. Thanks for posting it, it was worth the wait!

Anonymous said...

Andi could have that base training by CIM. She is getting fast. She should be thinking sub 1:35 for the fast half she wants to do.

You both should take it easy on the 18 miles next weekend with 4 weeks to go. 3:45 marathon is going to be a breeze.

Chuck said...

It was very enjoyable running with a large group of serious runners. Great job Andi!

I will be praying for your sister in law and all of the brave firefighters. Best wishes for a quick recovery with your left calf.

Thank you for posting Dathan's 5K American record race. I have already watched it three times.

Dale Lister said...

Thanks for the videos...
I was scheduled for 18 this week but settled for the back to back 14 fast finish and 10 marathon pace. If you'd like some additional company on an easy 18 miler next week let me know - even down in Santa Clarita.