Thursday, August 13, 2009

8 mile easy run (62:30)

Today I did an out and back on the aqueduct from my house. It was one of those runs where I look down at my watch and it reads 3.2 miles, then after what seems like 5 minutes I look down again and think, "I should be close to 4 miles by now" and my watch reads 3.4 miles! 8 miles seemed like 14. It was a little windy on the aqueduct and I had to push harder than I should have to, to maintain an 8:00 pace. I guess you can't have a good run every day.

I am looking forward to a workout with the Desert Christian H.S. cross country team on Saturday morning and then a 10 mile fast finish run on Sunday morning with Andi. I am extending the invitation to any of my readers to meet us at the aqueduct and Ave. S at 5:30 on Sunday morning. We have a graduation party that morning for my brother-in-law (he is finishing his MBA) and need to be back early to help out. Hope to see a few of you out there.

Here is an interesting article about a study in Austria on the overall health of runners knees. They did an MRI study before and after a marathon with these results. Then 10 years later got the same people back to rescan them again and found these results. And another study here. They are doing some cool research out in Vienna.

Basically, they found no damage after a marathon other than mild joint effusion (swelling). There was no "adverse long-term consequences" 10 years later "regardless of pre-existing damage at baseline." They go on to hypothesize that running may have a protective effect on knee joint health. I tend to agree.

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Chuck said...

Enjoyed the article. Thank you for sharing it.

I am looking forward to running with Andi and you on Sunday morning. Thank you for the invitation.