Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fartleks, Fast Finish, and Usain Bolt!

First, the running clinic on Saturday was successful. We had a group of about 15 show up to listen to us ramble on about interval training. I had a hard time making some of the science understandable for everyone but I received some very nice comments and had some very good questions afterward that I felt I was able to answer and explain. If you were there, feedback is always appreciated an helpful.

The training this weekend was great. Saturday morning Clay and I lead a workout for the Desert Christian cross country team and had about 10 runners come along. After a 2 mile jog, I took the kids through a dynamic warm up of drills. The workout was 3 x 2k with a fartlek type format on each pushing up and over a the short hills and bridges. I lead the A group and we ran about 7:37, 7:20, 7:20 with mile splits around 6:15. Including a 2 mile warm up and cool down the mileage for the workout was about 7.5-8.0 miles. They have some good young runners on the team and should continue to improve over the season. I foresee some great performances this year. See Clay's blog for more commentry and a picture.

Sunday morning Andi had scheduled a 10 mile fast finish run again. This weekend was a down week for her as far as mileage but she had a great effort today. We met Dale and Chuck on Ave S and the Aqueduct for our now standard 10 mile fast finish course. One of my friends and blog readers, Dan, attended the clinic on Saturday and then stayed for the Sunday morning workout. I don't have my Garmin ready for exact splits but, based on Dale's blog, we ran our first 5 miles in 42:37 (8:31 pace), I then increased the pace with Dan and Chuck to 7:20 for 2.5 miles and then brought it home with a 6:30 and 6:00 for the last two miles, total time of 1:17 and change.
I was about 2 minutes slower in total time compared to last time we did this workout, but the last two miles today felt much easier than three weeks ago.

Everyone ran hard and finished within the next two minutes. Andi finished the run in just under 80 minutes meaning she came home on her last 5 miles at 7:25 pace, awesome! Last time we did that run she averaged 7:40 over the last 5. Chuck continued for at least another 5 miles after we stopped!

Local runner Sergio Reyes was 4th today at the America's Finest City Half Marathon in San Diego, CA with a 1:06:03 (about 90 seconds away from his person best). Three guys from New Mexico came out and took the first three spots. Five of the top seven were from NM.

The other big half marathon was the New York City Half Marathon in which Ryan Hall was third in 1:02:35 (he is scheduled to run the NYC Marathon in November), and Paula Radcliffe (running her first race since bunionectomy) won the women's race in 1:09:45. If she recovers quickly she may still run the World Championships Marathon in a week (August 23rd).

Finally, the Track and Field World Championships started this weekend in Berlin, Germany. A 19 year old Kenyan woman, with legs up to her neck, won the 10k. And who ever predicted that Usain Bolt could run 9.5 were correct. He finally ran through a finish (he even leaned a little) won the final today world record time 9.58! He bettered his own WR from Beijing by more than .1 seconds (9.69)! See the race video below! Second place was won by American Tyson Gay who set an American Record with a 9.71! They did not disappoint.

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack


Chuck said...

I really enjoyed the run this morning. It is so much easier to get in a good workout with a great group of runners! It was a pleasure meeting Dan. Hopefully we can run together again before CIM. Wow! Andi really impressed me. She runs so smooth!

Karl, you looked awesome the last couple of miles! You make it look so easy. Once again, thank you for another outstanding blog. I really appreciate the information on Sergio Reyes. I would've most likely missed the news.

Daniel said...

Men's 10k is tomorrow! Awesome time running with everyone this morning and I thought the clinic was most excellent on Saturday, even if I arrived an hour early.