Monday, August 31, 2009

Monthly totals and KD's inspiratinoal video

Monthly totals for August...133! That is lower than I hoped considering there was 5 full weekends in the month. I did not run again today to rest my leg and I am pretty sore from my core yard work session yesterday. The back yard is looking good though.

U.S. 800m runner Khadevis Robinson is always good for a quote but in this interview he is truly inspiring and would be an excellent public speaker. Enjoy!

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Daniel said...

I just added up my mileage...134. Crazy how close we were this month!

Chuck said...

Thank you for posting the interview with Khadevis Robinson. I could really relate to his comments about getting out and enjoying the cities that he races in. I always make sure that I get out and enjoy the sites in each state that I run a marathon in.