Saturday, August 22, 2009

16 mile long run

I left about 6am this morning with light spitting rain and cooler temps. It was great weather for a long run! I on the other hand felt awful. My back was sore, my legs were tired, and I just couldn't get into it today. I actually felt like stopping early but remembered that I wasn't running tomorrow so I continued on. Andi and I are watching our nephew for the weekend and don't have child care to run together.

I ran my regular Rancho Vista loop but added on some mileage by circling Marie Kerr Park four times (1.25 miles per loop) and then extended the end by going up N to 60th, then down to M and back home. I finished the run in 2:06 and change (I haven't uploaded my Garmin yet, but my average pace was 7:55). My last six miles were SLOW. I feel like I just ran a marathon. Better get more sleep.

Clay, Dale, and Chuck (among others) ran the Jet to Jetty 10k in Los Angeles this morning. Read about their trip on Dale's Blog.

Finally the men's marathon was this morning at the world championships. I know we didn't have our best out there but come on! Our first finisher came in 24th! We had 5 entrants, 4 started and only 3 finished (only 2 were under 2:20)! There is a team award for each country's 3 finishers. We barely even had 3 finishers! Kenya, Ethiopia, Japan, Brazil, and Portugal all had their 3 runners finish before our first runner! Disappointing! We should have sent Sergio Reyes instead!

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Chuck said...

Good job hanging in there and completing your 16 miles. Some days are just tough!

Thank you for the men's marathon update. Fortunately, I forgot about the race. I agree with you. Our showing was out right embarrassing!