Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Intervals canned for easy run

I planned on starting an interval session at Joe Walker Middle School on Wednesday mornings. But I knew after about 1 mile of my warm up that it was not going to happen today. My left calf was tight from the get go and did not loosen up. So I jogged a mile around the track and headed back home for a total of 4 miles, and it was SLOW. I think I am still recovering from that 10k last week and then pushing through 16 miles on Saturday and then my two killer hills in Acton on Monday. They were not hard efforts after the 10k last Wednesday, just all in combination are taking their toll.

ATTENTION READERS: Saturday August 29th at 6:00 am we will be at Ave S and the aqueduct for a 14 mile fast finish run (first 10 at 8:30 pace, then last 4 at marathon pace or faster). All are welcome. You can come and do as much as you would like but that is what we will be running (Andi and I). Hope to see you there.

Finally, starting Friday August 28th REI is having their super clearance sale for a week. 50% off many of their already reduced clearance items! Take a look! It is a great sale!


Chuck said...

Saturday morning I was planning on doing my usual 10 miler at 7:30 pace. I will see you guys at 6am.

Daniel said...

I want to join you guys in the worst way. My Polar is off getting a new battery, making my 12 last weekend difficult to pace correctly. I quickened my pace too soon after a hilly section and ran low on fuel toward the end. Plus, having others around when the pace picks up makes it way easier, too. However, I haven't run 3 days in a row yet. I have mile repeats tomorrow and an easy 6 miler scheduled for Friday. Do you think I'll be able to handle three days in a row, Karl?

Karl Stutelberg said...

I think you can do it just fine but the 6 miles on Friday should be EASY (you could even cut it to 4 for recovery). The first 10 of our 14 will be easy 8:30 pace as well. How many mile repeats are you doing? Then if you do come with us I would take Sunday off.