Saturday, July 11, 2009

14 miler on the aqueduct

I love the level of fitness that I am at right now. When someone says, "I'm doing 13 tomorrow, wanna come?" I love being able to say, "no problem."

Clay told me yesterday that he was planning on doing 13-14 on the aqueduct Saturday morning so I said, "I'll be there." We left at about 5:45am, he actually left a little early for a slower warm up and Dale and I caught him at about mile 2. We cruised at a very even pace 8:00-8:12 for the first 10 miles and then Clay and I pushed it in with a 7:35, 7:25, 7:21. He stopped to cool down and I pushed it in because I had to get home with the last half mile at 6:30 pace. I ended up running 13.6 miles total. It was a great run and felt good to push the pace a little at the end. Our last 10 miles was right around 79 minutes.

Wildlife included a mother coyote and her cub!

I told Dale we were going to run at 8:20 pace before the run. Oops, sorry Dale, I hope we didn't push it too fast.

Andi has her first 10 miler tomorrow early with her friend Dawn. Time to start building up the mileage.

I will have 4 days off next weekend as we have a family trip planned to Mammoth. There will be little to no running going on which will be a good break for me. Hopefully, it will include some short hikes with the boys.

Next week I plan on running Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday night cross country!


Daniel said...

Flights to Sacramento for CIM weekend(from Burbank at least) are pretty cheap right now, starting at $59. I thought you might like to know, even though it is way off down the road.

Dale Lister said...

Nope, it was not too fast. My portion of the run stayed within the 8:00- 8:15 range and that was fine. The way you guys took off at the end was impressive. You made me think I was slowing down, but my splits stayed consistent....