Monday, July 6, 2009

5000th visitor!

I hit another milestone today. My blog had its 5000th visitor (I suppose half of those were me but it is still a lot). Sunday, after the 30 miler, I had 53 hits in one day (also a record). This June had the highest number of visitors for a month with 485. I guess someone out there is finding this stuff interesting or maybe entertaining.

For those of you wondering how I was feeling today, not too bad. Don't get me wrong, I was sore, but it was symmetrical soreness, and I was slower getting around the clinic today. It was fun telling my patients about what a success the event was on Sunday. I did have a little headache from dehydration in the afternoon, I tried hard to drink throughout the day.

More pictures have been coming in from Sunday. Clark posted a few on flickr that turned out great. See his pictures here.

Here are a few more from Clay's perspective on the aqueduct and on the bike about mile 25.

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Anonymous said...

Both interesting and entertaining.
I got 96 hits on 7-5-09 because of the heading I chose for the race post.