Thursday, July 16, 2009

6 mile morning run & 3 mile cross country race

Sorry for the lack of posts. I helped my sister-in-law move this past Sunday and on a really stupid move "tweaked" my left knee a little. It was not bad but there was just enough inflammation in the joint to cause patella maltracking. This means my knee cap would pop when I extended my knee and just "didn't feel right." That and a feeling of fatigue kept me of the roads until today. There was much less popping today and my knee actually felt better after 6 miles averaging 8 min pace.

This evening I ran in the weekly HDR cross country 3 mile course out at Pelona Vista Park. My personal course record (PCR) is 19:57 last year. Tonight the plan was to run with Zac Patten. We would cruise the first mile, take it easy up the hill, and then pick it up trying to catch as many people as possible in the last mile. Well, I went out a little too fast (6:23) then slowed down on the second mile, at one point stopped to wait for Zac to catch up, but he had nothing left. I finished in 20:45 ish and Zach finished in 21:08. We should have gone out at around 6:40 and I think he would have felt much better on the second half. I believe I was 15th place. In good conditions I think I could break my PCR there this summer.

Total mileage for the day was 9 miles. I may try and get in a run tomorrow before we leave for Mammoth Lakes, CA with the boys.

You may have heard of the great debate over headphone use during races or when running in general. Well, this story may help you make up your mind if you haven't already. Read this post from the Runners World Daily Blog Today.

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Ron said...

I like that idea for the brick...i will do that some time soon......this sundays bike/run brick will be a short bike probably on the trainer....Have a good time in mammoth...NO trail runs?