Friday, July 17, 2009

4 mile recovery run

Wow, that cross country race last night sure took a lot out of me. My legs felt so heavy this morning that I cut the run short after 4 miles (36 minutes). I guess it was my first cross country 3 mile and I am not used to all that up and down on trails. I am looking forward to a 4 day break in training.

Here is a link to MORE photos from the 30 at 30 run two weeks ago. They were taken by my college roommate and pal Art Miller. He takes pictures and does multimedia for CLU and has a pretty nice camera!

Finally, I received my last set of photos that I had mailed out quite a while ago to Ryan and Sara Hall. Here are two of the photos they signed.

Have a good weekend.


Chuck said...

Thank you for sharing the autographed photos of Ryan and Sara Hall. I would really enjoy seeing your collection sometime.

Enjoy your weekend with Andi and the boys in Mommoth.

Dale Lister said...

nice pics....
Your friend even chronicled your nip band-aids!!

I was wondering. With all the commotion on your street. Did any neighbors ask what was going on? Did you get to meet anyone new?