Friday, July 31, 2009

65 minute tempo run in Long Beach with new July totals

Clay and I are in Long Beach at the Functional Training Summit. This morning one of the courses I attended was on pediatric (age 6-18) training with an emphasis on childhood obesity. In the morning I attended the "hands on" portion, in which the presenter, Brian Grasso YCS, put us through a high intestiy balance, coordination, and plyometric workout. The first exercise was to lay on your stomach with your eyes closed, then when he said "go" you had to get up and stand on one foot as quickly as possible. That was one of the easier activites, YIKES! In the afternoon I attended a course put on by a PT on training the warrior. He also put us through and hour workout that included 100 pushups, 100 abdominal exercises and 20 lunges! I am going to be sore tomorrow!

So this evening Clay and I drove down to the beach and ran for an hour. We started at the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier and ran north. I felt great and didn't have my Garmin but felt like I was cruising at about 7:00 pace, maybe a little faster. I made it to the Queen Mary and turned around. I met Clay up on a grassy area and then took off for a few more miles. I finished the run in 65 minutes and estimate that I ran about 9 miles. That changes my monthly total for July to 135! Pretty good considering that I only ran 25 miles in the middle 12 days of the month.

See Clay's blog for some pictures.

"We only eat food that doesn't have a label." quote from Juan Carlos Santana, CSCS at the seminar

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