Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4 mile recovery run

First run back after the longest run of my life so far. I have felt better each day and today felt about 75%. My calves are a little tight and my quads are sore, all symptoms that I would consider normal for me after a run like that. I actually felt better after I ran this morning. I got in 4 miles this morning. I will take it easy this week, and then based on how I feel will start to add some faster mileage once a week.

I had a goal to break a 5 minute mile by the end of May. That didn't happen, but I would still like to try before the year is over.

Long term goal for the year is 2:55 at California International Marathon on December 6th. That means I need make 6:40 pace feel fairly easy! Yikes, I have some work to do. Threshold runs here I come!
Threshold pace 6:20
Interval pace 5:45

Sounds like Zac and I need to get together. I know 5 am is early. I can about 6 am?

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Lindsay said...

Congratulations Karl! I didn't ever leave a response to the invite because I kept thinking If I sit down and and talk to Kyle enough, maybe we can take a trip to Cali and run with Karl. But Kyle is hit hard in the summer months with his new landscape company. Obviously that never happened, but your blog report is awesome. You are amazing! I've been running lately and tried to get in to the St. George marathon this year but didn't get in. I'll do it next year - we know how to for sure get in now. But it feels so good to be in shape. It's such a healthy high to exercise!

Good job Karl! I love the T-shirt!