Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 30 miler is complete! (4:08:07)

The morning started at 5:00 am. I left home with two bikers and 4 other runners to help get me half way through the run. We had a near perfect day as far as the wind goes. It was a little breezy up on the aqueduct but it kept us cool. We pounded out 15 miles in 1:58:39 and I picked up a big group for the next 5 miles. My support bikes were awesome (thanks Ron and Art). They got me anything I wanted to drink or eat during the run. I had another set of new runners for the second five mile loop and everyone was excited to run and kept me going. I finished running up and down M-12 five times with many more people running and walking while cheering me on. It was an unbelievable day, one that I will never forget. I hit my marathon split on the second loop on M-12 in 3:36 and finished 30 miles in 4:08:07! I averaged 8:16/mile over 30 miles. This is now the farthest I have ever run at once for time and for distance. Other than a few mild aches and pains I feel great. Thanks so much to all my runners and cyclists that helped me meet this goal: Chuck, Neil, Dale, Clay, Andi, Dawn, Bill, Melissa, Ron, Julie, Zac, Jon, Louise, Margie, Don, Mom, Dad, Clark, Cheryl, Ron, Art, Arnie, Tom, Dan, Josh, Casey, Joann, Bill, Nikki, and Angelo.
Thanks also to everyone else that came out to support me and cheer me on. People from the neighborhood were asking, "What is going on here?" It was pretty cool. We all had breakfast and enjoyed the morning afterward. I took a 10 minute ice bath that felt awesome then got to visit with all my family and friends.

Here are some of the stats from the day:
30 - miles run
4 - hours running
5 - pounds lost during the run
(I weighed in at 171.6 and out at 166.8)
0 - blisters (thanks to the injinjis)
28 - people that biked or ran today
246 - combined miles from all participants
350 - Dollars raised for Karno Kids
7:20 - fastest mile
9:13 - slowest mile

Thanks again everyone, I can't thank you enough.

Before the run.

First 15 miles on the aqueduct

Mile 19

Mile 20

Mile 23

Mile 25

My mom & Andi's mom

The crowd at the finish line

My family

Ron and me

Now its time for Andi's 3 month build up for the Twin Citites Marathon October 4th. I have designed a 3 month training plan for her. Stay tuned!


Chuck said...

Congratulations Karl! That was the first birthday party that I have ever been to that started at 5am. What a great way to celebrate your 30th birthday!

Stutelberg Family said...

You were awesome today!! The boys and I are so proud of you!

DCHS XC said...

Great Day, looking forward to next year's 50km 31 miles. Let me know if I can be of help with Andi's training.-Clay

Anonymous said...

You made that look to easy!
We are going to have to find a 50K to race in early March 2010 before LD-50 in April.

Anonymous said...

As from Clay's blog... congrats... 40 miles at age 40?

Sorry... with Grandkids, age 0.5 and 3.5 yo at a pool near Disneyland...

We'll run together again!

Dave H.

Daniel said...

Well done, Karl! See me flash the "30" in the 'Mile 19' photo? Sweet, huh?
--Dan Ham