Wednesday, July 23, 2008

4 miles easy run & Badwater results

I have been sore in my left adductors since my long run on Sunday. They were still sore when I started my run this morning but loosened up during the run and felt much better after the run.

I got in 4 easy miles this morning with 3x100m strides afterward. It took just under 32 minutes (about 8 min pace). Tomorrow is the HDR 3 mile cross country race.

The Badwater Ultramarathon was a week and a half ago, July 14-16. This race starts in the Badwater Basin, the lowest point in North America, 282 ft below sea level in Death Valley, CA. It ends 135 miles later at the base of Mt. Whitney (Whitney Portal) 8360 ft above sea level. Mt. Whitney is the highest point in the continental United States 14,496ft. There is 13,000ft of cumulative elevation gain over the 135 mile race, and it is run in July, where temperatures can hit over 125 degrees F.

This year local runner Jorge Pacheco won the race with a time of 23:20:16, 30 minutes shy of the course record.

Jamie Donaldson was third overall and the first female with a time of 26:51:33, which broke the female course record by over an hour! Check out her blog here.

The most amazing statistic this year was that 8 out of the top 15 finishers were female! Last year the top 15 were all male runners. See this years results here.

Dean Karnazes, 2004 winner, completed his 7th Badwater Ultramarathon and was 4th.

Two time winner (2003 & 2002) Pam Reed was 5th this year.

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