Thursday, July 10, 2008

HDR Cross Country Series 3 miler Wk 3 (20:11)

I have been a major slacker this week with my training. I didn't go Tuesday morning and I didn't go this morning because I was racing this evening.

Tonight was the third week of the High Desert Runners cross country series at Pelona Vista Park. It is a very challenging 3 mile course with a KILLER hill right at the half way point.

Based on the last two weeks results I thought that breaking 20 minutes would be doable, but I hadn't run since Sunday, I haven't done any trail running or hill training in a LONG time, and it was pretty windy tonight. All these things worked against me.

The first mile is fairly quick and I let the leaders go and still went out in 5:50. Mile two has the KILLER hill half way, which I ended up walking to save my legs that were already burning (only about 3 people passed me on the hill). I think I went through two miles at 13:10 which mean mile 2 was 7:20!

The last mile again is faster but still has plenty of shorter hills but I was spent and ran 7:00 for the last mile finishing in 20:11.

I was 4th in my age group (19-29) tonight. I guess everyone showed up today. On either of the first two weeks I think I would have been second or third.

Did I mention it was pretty windy out there. It seemed like we were either running up hill or into the wind. It was a tough race and I am much more sore from that 3 miles than I was after the 5k a week ago.

I plan to run the course one more time on July 24th and hopefully the co-ed relay on the 31st, so I have one more chance to break 20 minutes. If it was not so windy I think I could have done it tonight.

They have had over 150 runners finish the 3 mile course each of the first three weeks!

Since the cross country series is now in full swing I thought it would be appropriate to add a link to some great Jack Daniels, PhD. quotes.

View the Newhall Independence Day 5k results here (I guess I was 15th not 16th).

I also got to try Guitar Hero tonight!

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