Wednesday, July 2, 2008

4 mile tune up for July 4th 5k

Ran 4 miles today the first two warm up around 8 min pace, next mile 7:20, last mile 6:50. Completed the workout with 2x150m accelerations.

The one thing I have learned over the last month is that I need a good long warm up before running hard. I need about two miles to loosen up. I plan on getting in a good warm up before the race on Friday.

Jack Daniels, PhD. recommends running a few minutes at race pace about 15 minutes before race time. It makes sense to me. Your first interval is never your best or fastest, at least it shouldn't be. Why make it part of your race.

I haven't run a 5k road race since 2002 so this should be interesting.

If you haven't been watching the Olympic Trails there have been some great races already including an unbelievable men's 800m. See the race here. Watch it a few times to appreciate where the top 3 runners were with 200m to go.

Andrew Wheating is an incredible story. He has only been running competitively for a few years and now he is going to the Olympics. Check out his story here. I love the picture of him crossing the line in second. You can see what he is thinking "Holy crap, I'm going to Beijing."

The best coverage online for races has been
For interviews go to or

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