Thursday, July 31, 2008

100th mile for July on 100th post

I had it calculated so I would run my 100th mile of the month at the cross country series relay tonight. To get there I had to run 4 miles this morning. I had a good run finishing in 29 minutes (avg pace 7:20).

The cross country series co-ed relay was tonight. It is a three mile course so everyone on the team runs one mile. Our team, TEAM 36, included my wife Andi, me and our friend Bill Schneider (in that order). Andi started us off strong with a 7:15 first mile. She handed me the baton (yes, we actually ran with PVC pipe batons) and I ran the next mile, which included the KILLER HILL, in 6:00. I still used my power hiking strategy for half of the hill too. I handed off to Bill who ran a solid 7:00 for the last mile. Our combined time was 20:14 and we finished 11th over all out of 49 teams. See the results here.

I guess the first and third mile were a little long and the second mile was a little short but it couldn't have been more than 10 feet or so short. Still it was a fast second mile, and a good one for my 100th of the month.

Thanks to Dawn Schneider, who watched her two kids and our two kids during the race. She took the pictures posted above.

No races planned for August, just some good hard training. I will be out of town for two weekends which will make long runs tough. I thought it would be fun to run a half marathon on each of the days that the Olympians run their marathons which is on August 17th (women) and August 24th (men).

Here is a link to a good article on training in the heat, and it is written by a physical therapist.

Did anyone get to see the documentary on Dean Karnazes on Thursday? Please post a comment if you did.

Happy August!


Anonymous said...

I followed the article link to the PT that treated Maria Sharapova and found the last line of the article interesting.
The PT Forster said. “The biggest problem is these athletes are playing too much. Somehow they have to play less and train more to bring out their peak performance.”

Anonymous said...
It was a good article. This PT has been around treating athletes.

Lindsay said...

Hey Karl! I saw your post on Bryce and jeans site. I bet coach Lamph would love to look at this sit. I hope she has it. You are incredible! Kyle and I have always admired you...mostly because you're just a downright good, nice guy! Glad to see you are doing well.
Lindsay Lewis