Sunday, July 13, 2008

Long Run Sunday, 11 miles (83 min)

I got my long run in that I had hoped for today. I am slowly building my long runs up. Over the last month they have been 10 miles. I would like to be doing 13 miles for a long run twice a month now.

It was a good run over all. The first 5 miles were at 8:00 pace, the second 5 miles were at about 7:00 pace and the last mile was 6:45. Total time was 83 minutes, avg pace 7:30.

The course was a loop with the turnaround at N and 60th and an extra loop around Joe Walker Middle School. It is a pretty hilly course overall, especially the first half. About half way through I thought about doing 12 but I was a little dehydrated. I need to swing by the house half way and stash some water, or get out my camelback. I did run through every yard that had sprinklers on though.

I am planning a hill workout, on a trail hill at the end of 45th, some time this week. Short repeats but lots of them.

Have a great week!

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