Sunday, July 20, 2008

Half Marathon time trial (1:35:40)

I planned on going for 12-13 miles this morning on the aqueduct. I figured if you are going to run 12 you might as well run 13, and if you are running 13 you might as well run the .1 to make it a half marathon. After the first few miles I decided to run the full half marathon. I started at 70th and ran to 110th and back. I did two laps around the bridges on the way back and had to go out an extra .7 and back to make it the full 13.1 in 1:35:40 (avg pace 7:18).

There was quite a bit of cloud cover when I started and even though it was 80 degrees, the light breeze made it fell cool. It stayed like that until about mile 9 and then I lost the clouds and could feel the sun beating down for the last 4 miles. The temp jumped 8 degrees by the time I was done. I'm sure glad I brought my camelback with me!

Wild life included two wild horses and a coyote. I was wearing a new Brooks sleeveless yellow shirt that attracted a few dozen bees for about 2 miles!

Mile splits were pretty even 7:32, 7:23, 7:26, 7:21, 7:08, 7:26, 7:10, 7:22, 7:01, 7:12, 7:18, 7:24, 7:13. I was pleased with the consistency of the run. The last 4 miles were tough, but mostly because of the heat.

Easy runs and strides for the rest of the week before Thursdays 3 mile cross country race.

Late Addition to post:
I was going through some paperwork etc today, filing things away and ran across all the newspapers that I bought in Boston after the Marathon in April. I was looking through them trying to decide which ones to keep when I came across this photo. I did a double take when I realized it was ME! I made the Metrowest Daily News on Tuesday April 22, 2008. I couldn't believe that I missed that picture before, but there I am wearing my thrift store sweats and jacket, and I'm carrying my yellow collapsible chair I bought in Boston.


Anonymous said...

You are famous here and in Boston!
Some kid has your name on his T-shirt. Nice time trial.


Anonymous said...

You are even famous with the bees in Lancaster! Will you be wearing that shirt again? That was very funny. Good run, hey? Mom